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Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association

Sheepscot Valley Conservation Association (SVCA), an accredited land trust, works to conserve and restore the natural and historic heritage of the Sheepscot Watershed. Their efforts include land protection, habitat restoration, advocacy, education, and support for compatible land uses. We purchased a key tract of land to set aside for conservation—thus preventing development in an area… Read more »

Maine Island Trail Association

Maine Islanders epitomize the hardy heritage of New Englanders and created America’s first marine waterway trail, a unique 375-mile route that spans the coast of Maine. We support their resolve to protect and preserve the Maine island coastal ecology and way of life for those who enjoy this pristine recreational environment.

The Nature Conservancy of Alaska

The Nature Conservancy of Alaska (NCA), founded nearly 30 years ago, combines science with acquired knowledge to ensure Alaska’s natural wealth and vast landscapes remain healthy now and into the future. Home to more than 51% of the world’s wild sockeye salmon, the habitats of Bristol Bay, Matanuska-Susitna Basin, and Tongass require restoration and protection, and… Read more »

Alaska Conservation Foundation

The Alaska Conservation Foundation (ACF), the largest contributor to Alaskan conservation efforts, fights the world’s largest threat—climate change. With more than 60% of Alaska designated as federal public lands, ACF took the lead more than 30 years ago to protect this exquisite wilderness. The ACF battles against such formidable global pressures as changes in planetary wind… Read more »

Green Horse Society

A barrier island located roughly one hundred miles off Nova Scotia’s coast, Sable Island’s rich history includes centuries of shipwrecks, critical weather monitoring, and a robust ecology of seals, vibrant marine habitat, and hundreds of rare birds found nowhere else on earth. Its famous wild horses symbolize the island’s untamed wilderness and attract a community… Read more »

Rain Forest Alliance ECO-OK Certification Project for Coffee and Bananas

Pioneers of practicing eco-labels that recognize products produced in an environmentally responsible manner, the Rainforest Alliance set a new set of standards for growing bananas and coffee. The hazards to the environment and farm workers from these crops include high levels of pesticides, sub- standard housing, unsafe drinking water, and tropical diseases. We support the Alliance’s uniting… Read more »

TRees/Project Tambopata

Tambopata harbors some of the most biodiverse rainforest in the Amazon basin. Home to such rainforest creatures as monkeys, toucans, macaws, and jaguars, this region includes the Tambopata National Reserve and the Bahuaja Sonene National Park. TReeS Projects, a registered nonprofit organization founded mostly by biologists with worldwide membership, seeks to support biodiversity conservation and… Read more »

Black Rhino Breeding Project

While recognized for its dramatic landscapes, including national parks and World Heritage–listed archaeological sites, Zimbabwe suffers from extreme poverty and political instability. This paradox seems an unlikely environment for an evolving conservation community collaborative. However, with poachers encroaching upon Zimbabwe’s borders daily, the Black Rhino population continues to decrease. At
the Black Rhino Breeding Project, a… Read more »

Lesedi Primary School

Founded in 2014, the Lesedi Primary School has been steadily growing year by year to cater to an increasing number of students and provide the children of the surrounding area with a quality education. The Lesedi Primary School was started by, Benson Siyawareva (whose wife was a former OAT guide), as a way to give… Read more »

Tarangire Maasai Boma Village

From water to wildlife. When Grand Circle Foundation first partnered with this village in 2011 the only available water came from a water hole that was also frequented by wildlife, leading to many illnesses.  Partnership has brought significant positive changes to the Maasai living in this community.  Funding from the foundation has brought clean water… Read more »