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Nasraloy School

Located in the Sukhotai Province of Thailand, this small rural school of only 40 children didn’t have the resources available to provide computer technology for it’s students. The new partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has now brought access to the internet world for these students, giving them the tools to do research for homework assignments… Read more »

Jusarang Community Church aka “Baby Box Church”

In many countries outside the US, being a single mother is still a stigma,  as is giving birth to a child with challenges.  Infants are abandoned or neglected. In Seoul South Korea, Pastor Lee Jong Rak learned this when his own son was born challenged.  The Pastor did not abandon his son, in fact he… Read more »

Kenya Scholarship Fund

Grand Circle Foundation supports  16 children on a variety of scholarships in Kenya, who are in schools spread across a 200 mile radius. Our project manager in East Africa travels to the schools to keep in touch with the students and this is what she tells us. “Supporting children doesn’t just mean we pay their… Read more »

Cuchi Secondary School

Cuchi Secondary School is our newest partner in Vietnam. Located in a remote area, away from any large city, this school of 500 students receives very little government support. Upon partnering with the school we are renovating the existing 4 toilets and building 4 new ones to better provide them with access to sanitary hygiene.

Utah Clean Energy

We are proud to support Utah Clean Energy, an organization that has led the transition to a new clean energy economy in Utah and the West with vision and expertise since 2001. Through advocacy, policy, and public outreach Clean Energy Utah  tackle today’s serious energy challenges with a toolbox of innovative solutions and workable strategies in… Read more »

Las Palmas Primary School

Grand Circle Foundation is committed to helping better the future of students in the Amazon Rain Forest, where facilities are often basic and lacking supplies. Situated on the banks of the Marañon River, the Las Palmas Primary School is attended by children from several nearby communities.  Grand Circle Foundation donated the funds to purchase a… Read more »

Thunuhuaya School

Located near Puno, Peru many of the 35 students at Thunuhuaya school suffered from malnutrition. Lack of adequate kitchen and dining facilities at the school only added to the situation.  With the generous help of our donors, Grand Circle Foundation was able to fund the construction of a new kitchen and dining hall allowing the… Read more »

Naum Ohridski School

This small school of only 26 students in the Elshani village of Macedonia was in disrepair when Grand Circle first started visiting in 2016. The roof leaked and their was only one toilet for all the students.  With the generous help of  OAT travelers, Grand Circle Foundation was able to construct 2 new toilets and… Read more »

Cna’an & Tzahal Ethiopian Absorption Center

The Cna’an & Tzahal Ethiopian Absorption Center in Jerusalem provides the support needed for the Ethiopian families who walked from Ethiopia, through the desert, to Israel. A donation from Grand Circle Foundation funded the purchase of equipment for an outdoor playground, giving the children a place to spend their free time.

Panchayat Union Middle School

Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with Panchayat Union Middle School, located in the village of Kokilamedu since August 2016. Since our partnership began we’ve painted the school inside and out and provided chairs so that the children no longer sit on the floor