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Xiahe Primary School

This small school in the rural countryside of Xian was once visited by then President Clinton. Unfortunately in the time since, not much has been done to update the school itself.  The new partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has already seen improvements by way of replacement of the rusted gate at the entrance of the… Read more »

Tenaum Community Center

Located in front of the UNESCO Heritage Site Church of Tenaum, the center is a central part of life in this small community. Grand Circle Foundation’s first donation to purchase tables and chairs will give the center a much needed boost to be able to host activities promoting handicrafts and local dishes.

Colegio Alto Tenaum

For the 88 students attending Tenaun, the new partnership with Grand Circle Foundation means that they will soon have new classroom space. The foundation’s first project is to divide a very large single classroom into 3 rooms, allowing different subjects to be studied simultaneously and the introduction of a new Speech Therapy class.

Tanzania Scholarship Fund

Our sponsored students are so grateful for the gift of education, and sponsorship covers more than school fees. What began as a way to support students who excelled but did not have the means to attend Secondary School in 2013, has expanded to include support for students in Primary Schools, especially young girls. Sponsorship covers… Read more »

Ayalabe Primary School

Providing textbooks for each grade was one of the first projects funded by Grand Circle Foundation in partnership with our generous donors. In 2014, there were fewer than 2 copies of a text book per grade for the students to share. And there were no basic supplies- no paper, pencils, chalk. Each year, we begin… Read more »

Chequerec 50579

The community of Izcuchaca is just a short drive from the center of Chinchero. Many of its residents are focused on farming and agriculture—but an investment in the future of the children who attend elementary school here can open up a world of new opportunities. Foundation support has provided new classroom furniture; a playground; toilets… Read more »

The Lewis Institute at Babson College

Breakthrough interactions powering social change Founded in July 2010 with a generous gift from Alan and Harriet Lewis of Grand Circle Corporation, The Lewis Institute is the GPS for students, faculty, staff, foundations, and corporate partners seeking social innovation solutions. We employ Babson’s methodology of Entrepreneurial Thought and Action® as an accelerator for change. We create… Read more »

Upper Gila Watershed Alliance

Originating in America’s first wilderness, the Gila River is rich in biological diversity and cultural history. Through our partner, Conservation Lands Foundation, we funded $50,000 to build local leadership to protect the Gila River, San Francisco River, and main tributaries of the Gila National Forest, which would provide critical watersheds and rivers with the protection they… Read more »

Shoals Marine Laboratory

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) is dedicated to undergraduate education and research in marine science. Since 1966, SML has offered undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study marine science in the field with exceptional faculty from institutions throughout North America. Learning at SML is grounded in truly “hands-on” educational experiences. SML courses and internships provide rigorous training in… Read more »

Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous People

Celebrating Indigenous Peoples’ Self-Determination the mission remains as our founders originally envisioned –  dedicated to Indigenous Peoples’ self-determination and the sovereignty of Native nations. Founded in 1977, the Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples emerged from a call from Indigenous communities in the Americas during the cultural, social and political renaissance era of the 1960’s and… Read more »