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Naum Ohridski School

This small school of only 26 students in the Elshani village of Macedonia was in disrepair when Grand Circle first started visiting in 2016. The roof leaked and their was only one toilet for all the students.  With the generous help of  OAT travelers, Grand Circle Foundation was able to construct 2 new toilets and… Read more »

Cna’an & Tzahal Ethiopian Absorption Center

The Cna’an & Tzahal Ethiopian Absorption Center in Jerusalem provides the support needed for the Ethiopian families who walked from Ethiopia, through the desert, to Israel. A donation from Grand Circle Foundation funded the purchase of equipment for an outdoor playground, giving the children a place to spend their free time.

Panchayat Union Middle School

Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with Panchayat Union Middle School, located in the village of Kokilamedu since August 2016. Since our partnership began we’ve painted the school inside and out and provided chairs so that the children no longer sit on the floor

Girls Secondary School Jaipur

Although the Girls secondary school located in Garudwari village in Jaipur has 265 girls attending, there are now 18 boys as well. Grand Circle Foundation, with the generous support of our donors was able to provide the funding needed to construct a covered open area where the children can assemble for meetings and extracurricular activities…. Read more »

Adarsh Sen Secondary School Jaipur

Located in the village of Theekriya Gujran in India’s state of Jaipur, the co-ed school of 387 students expressed their need for a covered assembly hall. Grand Circle Foundation, with the generous support of our donors was able to provide the funding needed to construct a covered open area where the children can assemble for… Read more »

Samantha Johnson Scholarship Fund

It wasn’t easy growing up in South Africa under apartheid. Especially if you were the child of a mixed-race marriage. That was exactly the case for Samantha Johnson, whose white South African mother had married a black man from Mozambique. The situation became so difficult, the family left South Africa when Samantha was six years… Read more »

Ecole Saint Louis

Ecole Saint Louis is among the oldest primary schools in the city of Vienne France. As the facilities of the school have become dated it embarked on a multi year renovation project. Grand Circle Foundation has donated towards the purchase of new chairs and sleeping mats for the use of the youngest (3-4 years old)… Read more »

Anangu Community School

The Anangu Kichwa community is aware of the significant role that education plays for the development of their sustainability, which is why a part of the profits from the lodge are reinvested in the local school, also known as the Vicente Mamallacta school. When the community came together and built the 10 classrooms according to… Read more »

Kindergarten Zeko Karanac

The kindergarten in Karanac shares the same building as the elementary school, so that the 23 students are always surrounded by their family and friends. Karanac is a multiethnic village with almost 900 inhabitants.  Due to it’s turbulent past throughout the 20th century and the agricultural & farming challenges that Croatia has faced since joining… Read more »

Jabulani Village

The Jabulani Women’s group consists of 30 members, the majority being mothers of students at Jabulani Primary School and all members of the extended Jabulani community. The group meet weekly to share ideas and work together to assist the school but they are very keen to learn ways to improve their income and be able to… Read more »