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MTU Harmi

MTU Harni is located in the rural community of the same name, a short distance from Tallinn. This school shows the vitality of the Estonian countryside and is an example of a strong community.  Which united in it’s support against the local municipality to save the school from closing after 175 years as an education… Read more »

Baskoy Primary & Secondary School

This school enrolls 140 students from 6 different villages in a rural area outside of Izmir. The schools bathrooms were in disrepair when Grand Circle first visited in 2015. With the generous help of OAT travelers, Grand Circle Foundation was able to construct a brand new bathroom with proper facilities for both students and faculty,… Read more »

Olasiti Primary School

Olasiti Primary School is the dream child of Chief Lobulo in the Tarangire National Park area of Tanzania. A strong believer in education, he asked the foundation for help in the construction of a 2 room schoolhouse to allow the youngest children of the bomas to attend school nearby, rather than walking 6-8 kilometers to… Read more »

Casa di Maria

Casa di Maria in Biancaville Sicily is both a traditional Sicilian farm and a refuge for many teenagers. Started in 2009, this farmhouse is the dream of Sergio Penisi and Carmela Comes as a way to make their lives more meaningful.  Casa di Maria provides a home for mothers and their children who are victims… Read more »

Azezo Primary School

The Azezo Teklehaimanot Primary school in Ethiopia is the first foundation partner school in this country. With limited resources the school has struggled to provide for the students who attend.  Grand Circle Foundation was happy to provide and initial donation of $400 to purchase much needed text books and supplies. We look forward helping the… Read more »

Albania Earthquake Relief

When disaster strikes in an area visited by Grand Circle and Overseas Adventure Travelers, Grand Circle Foundation makes every attempt to support recovery efforts, relying on our regional associates to identify needs and worthy organizations. On November 26, Albania was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing 51 people, and leaving thousands with homes destroyed… Read more »

Olmoti Primary School

The Olmoti Day and Boarding Primary School is a public school that enrolls 350 students—200 girls and 150 boys—from grades 1-8. We first started visiting Olmoti primary school in mid-2019, and helped with an initial donation of school supplies. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and school shutdowns, we didn’t have the opportunity to do much… Read more »

Govt Senior Middle School – Kutalpura

For the 200 children who attend school in this remote village, the partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has had a huge impact on their health. One of the first projects that the foundation undertook, was the installation of a water filter.  This locally manufactured sand filter treats contaminated water by filtering the water through sand… Read more »

Kindergarten Nevicica

This small kindergarten in Osijek strives to impart an “Outdoor Learning” environment in an urban setting. Part of a 2 year program aiming to stimulate the physical and psychomotor development of preschool children through activities organized in the kindergarten’s yard and other available natural sites and public areas such as meadow, parks and forests.  The… Read more »