Santa Esperanza used to be a one-classroom school, teaching all grades of elementary school in the same area. Because of this, community required to use a multiuse area in a different location, to have kindergarten and other groups, all at the same time.

This is a community based in rural tourism and agriculture, located very close to the Costa Rica border with Nicaragua, and with limited access to resources. Support to this school from the government is basic for the children’s development and building skills for their future.

Our first project with the Santa Esperanza School was building a new classroom and toilet facility, but definitely not the last one.  Kids are anxious to get back to normal school sessions and be able to fully use the new classroom. This new workspace includes all the basic elements of a comfortable classroom: ventilated, illuminated, desks, sitting area, class board, and bathrooms.

We encountered a very committed community that took the extra mile on achieving this project, when 25 families volunteered their time to help in the construction.  And the community is definitely looking forward to have the best use of the classroom to keep improving education in the area through visits from OAT and it’s partnership with GCF.