Month: December 2019

Jabulani papermaking Green Village

A green village is in the process of being established in Jabulani, a community located 20 kilometres from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. The aim of this initiative is to bring together people who are interested in establishing income-generating projects that are environmentally friendly, thus helping reduce waste that goes to landfill. Papermaking is one of the… Read more »

Get out of New Hampshire and Break the Rules!

Students attending the University of New Hampshire’s (UNH) Social Innovators of the Year Awards probably weren’t expecting that advice.  Nor were they expecting a surprise offer to change their lives. Last month, Alan and Harriet were presented with this prestigious award for their business model and philanthropy.   The award “recognizes leaders with a demonstrated commitment… Read more »

Empowerment in the Developing World

How O.A.T. Travelers Marci and Dave Utela Support Women and Children in Africa O.A.T. and Grand Circle travelers are generous in bringing pencils, notebooks, postcards, and other small gifts to distribute to students during their visits to local schools. But some travelers decide to do even more for the children who touch their hearts in… Read more »

Trip Leaders in Zimbabwe “Teach” Travelers How to Teach

Overseas Adventure Travel visits three Primary Schools in Zimbabwe: two outside Victoria Falls and one in Hwange. Traveler interaction with students is invaluable, as it provides exposure and an opportunity for the children to listen, build language, encourage learning and hone their English skills. To ensure meaningful interactions and a mutually beneficial experience for both… Read more »