Month: June 2019

Celebrating a new totem pole at Alnoba

Earlier this month, we were very pleased to welcome the artist Calvin Hunt, his wife Marie, and several members of his tribe known as Copper Maker Dancers to Alnoba to bless a Totem Pole shortly after it was raised as the newest piece in the Alnoba Art Park collection. Calvin Hunt works within the traditional… Read more »

Providing student meals in the Andes

Located at almost 12,000 feet above sea level and about 30 miles away from Cusco city, the Chequerec Primary School has become a great source of education for children in the Andes of Peru, despite the fact that most of the children have to walk to school every day – some of them an average… Read more »

Sue Billingsley: An overflowing heart

How O.A.T. Traveler Sue Billingsley Supports Our Clean Water Initiative In 2016, photos, videos, and rave reviews of over 20 years of travel with O.A.T. by her cousin and his wife convinced Sue Billingsley of Frisco, Texas, to give the company a try. The trip she chose was Safari Serengeti: Tanzania Lodge & Tented Safari…. Read more »