Month: March 2019

Himalayan Trust Nepal

Khumjung Blog Post

One of Grand Circle Foundation’s strongest and most enduring partnerships is with the Himalayan Trust Nepal. The partnership began in 1993, with a focus on improving education, and our donations total $793,499 to date. The next project we are supporting will provide $40,988 in funding for the Shree Juving Secondary School in the Mapya Dudhkoshi… Read more »

Aye Yeik Mon Orphanage, Burma

Muyanmar Aye Yeik Mon

A sad aspect of life in Burma is the number of orphans and abandoned children, which has increased in recent years. It is estimated there are now more than 280 centers that care for 36,000 children, many of whom were abandoned by single mothers living in rural areas and students who felt they could not… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Jane Difley

Jane-Difley: Leaders We Admire

President/Forester, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Concord, New Hampshire For 22 years, Jane Difley has helped lead the effort to protect New Hampshire’s forests. In honor of her efforts, she was awarded the first-ever Alnoba Moral Courage in Leadership Award last year. Now on the verge of retirement, she reflects on her… Read more »

Bears Ears National Monument and Friends of Cedar Mesa

Bears Ear Blog Post

“Leave it as it is,” President Teddy Roosevelt told the crowd on May 6, 1903, while overlooking the Grand Canyon. “You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it. What you can do is to keep it for your children, your children’s children, and for… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Josh Ewing

Leaders we Admire_Jeff Ewing

Executive Director, Friends of Cedar Mesa Bluff, Utah When Josh Ewing left a six-figure, 80-hour-a-week job in advertising, he had no intention of entering the nonprofit world—until he and his wife moved to southeastern Utah and discovered San Juan County. He shares the journey that led to his joining the fight to protect Bears Ears… Read more »

Foundation Update: World Water Day

In 2015, we launched our WASH Initiative (Water and Sanitation, Hygiene) to bring clean water and toilets that meet or exceed the local standard to all schools and villages supported by Grand Circle Foundation. At that time, only 14% of schools and villages rated water and sanitation as “Excellent”; 45% had clean water; and 65%… Read more »

Craig W provides sanitary wear for girls in Zimbabwe

In 2015, Grand Circle Foundation surveyed their sponsored sites around the world in regards to access to clean water and general sanitation, and the responses were rather alarming. Out of the 81% of sites that responded, we learned that only 14% could rate their water and sanitation as Excellent. Of the remainder, 19% were rated… Read more »

Technology for Tanzania

In early March, Grand Circle Foundation had an incredible 36 hours rolling out projects in East Africa. Most important, of course, is the impact these projects will have on the schools that we support. On a busy Friday, the Foundation funded four projects at Tanzania’s Njia Panda and Changarawe Primary Schools, with the goal of bringing the… Read more »

Hugh Thurnauer’s Lasting Legacy

Hugh Thurnauer, a 7-time traveler from Mason, OH, had donated a total of $30,500 to Grand Circle Foundation by the time of his death at age 97, providing scholarships for 24 students in Tanzania and Kenya. He never lost touch with the Foundation, expressing a keen interest in the students he supported and frequently reaching… Read more »

Kristina Tester: So Others May Learn

Kristina Tester founded So Others May Learn in 2006 when she was 14 years old and visited Ngamo Primary School on an Overseas Adventure Travel trip to Zimbabwe. Kristina was touched and inspired by the students she met and shocked that many of them could not continue to secondary school because of funding. She decided… Read more »