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Clair Sisters of Carmona

The monastery plays a very important role in this small city outside Sevilla.  Where for centuries the charitable work to the population carried out by the nuns who run this small convent has helped support their community. The nuns now number only 11, but they offer their community a place of refuge, shelter, spiritual advice… Read more »

Haven Horizons

Domestic Abuse, Coercive Control and Gender-Based Abuse are significant and complex social problems which require integrated, comprehensive, evidence-based primary, secondary, and tertiary intervention and prevention responses. Haven Horizons was founded over 20 years ago in County Clare Ireland and has worked towards a society free from gender inequality and relationship abuse. Haven Horizons is driven by… Read more »

Huo Kou Primary School

Located in the Xian province of China, the Huo Kou Primary school struggled to provide for it’s students. Partnership with Grand Circle Foundation provided new computers, desks and chairs.  We were also  able to provide scholarships so students could continue their studies. In July 2010 after the school was damaged in a summer storm, we… Read more »

Santa Esperanza

Santa Esperanza used to be a one-classroom school, teaching all grades of elementary school in the same area. Because of this, community required to use a multiuse area in a different location, to have kindergarten and other groups, all at the same time. This is a community based in rural tourism and agriculture, located very… Read more »

Escuela No 27 – el Porvenir

For the 30 students in this small rural school in northern Argentina, a partnership with Grand Circle Foundation started with the construction of much needed toilets for the kindergartners.  

Banjika Secondary School

Banjika Secondary school was built by Grand Circle Foundation through the generous support of OAT travelers and in particular Susan Rickert. It was purpose built to provide a secondary level education to the elementary students of Bashay Primary, Njia Panda Primary and Kambi Ya Nyoka Primary schools. Of the total 16 classrooms, we helped construct 9… Read more »

Bashay Primary School

When Grand Circle Foundation first partnered with Bashay Primary School in 2000, there were 450 students and only 20% could pass their national exams. By the time we left the school in 2011, the school had grown to 850 students and we saw a nearly 90% pass rate. The foundation was instrumental in completing a… Read more »

Saini Adarsh Vidhya Mandir

Partnership with Grand Circle Foundation saw the construction and refurbishment of classrooms and toilets, ensuring the safety and health of the children and teachers. A water tank and filter system were installed to give the children clean drinking water and a solar array now lights the school. Desks and benches were also purchase so that… Read more »

Rushubi Primary School

A recent partnership with the Rushubi Primary school in the rural Musanze District of Rwanda will benefit the 907 students. Our generous donors have already ensured that the school now has an adequate supply of much needed exercise books and chalk. And of course there’s always time for a quick game of soccer. Additional school… Read more »