The Olmoti Day and Boarding Primary School is a public school that enrolls 350 students—200 girls and 150 boys—from grades 1-8. We first started visiting Olmoti primary school in mid-2019, and helped with an initial donation of school supplies. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and school shutdowns, we didn’t have the opportunity to do much more until 2021.


In our ongoing efforts to help the school grow, we purchased laptops and created a computer lab to bring the world to this remote area. We provided hand wash stations and individual cups, plates, and utensils for the students to promote better hygiene. We also purchased or refurbished desks and chairs for both students and teachers, and added sturdy metal bunk beds in the dormitory to ensure that one bed is available for every child. To improve safety at the school, which is located within an elephant migratory route, we funded the construction of a solar-powered electric fence around the dormitories and toilets.




Most recently, we built a four-room teachers’ house, which was completed in March of 2023. Previously, one house was uninhabitable, and the others were unacceptably overcrowded. This simple addition gives each teacher privacy and a clean, safe space to live in during the work week. Each room has a light, lockable door, window, breeze vent, and charging station. The rooms stay cool despite the heat in the region. Plus, offering quality accommodations helps the school with recruitment.

Thanks to all our generous travelers and donors who have made these improvements possible for both the students and teachers at Olmoti.