Casa di Maria in Biancaville Sicily is both a traditional Sicilian farm and a refuge for many teenagers.

Started in 2009, this farmhouse is the dream of Sergio Penisi and Carmela Comes as a way to make their lives more meaningful.  Casa di Maria provides a home for mothers and their children who are victims of domestic abuse, underage girls who’ve literally landed on Sicily’s shores and children with mental or physical disabilities.

Everyone living here participates in the family’s catering business, learning the skills that will eventually help them find employment in the hospitality industry.  Grand Circle Foundation was happy to provide the funds for a wheat grinder and rotary plow, which has greatly improved the farming operation.  We look forward to working with this couple as they continue to take in the young people who need their help.

A house full of hope is how one traveler described her visit to Casa di Maria.  To read Carol’s full story, please click here.

Earlier in 2020 we began the process for the purchase and installation of solar panels.  With the onset of the pandemic however, all work came to a standstill.  We look forward to completing this project as Sicily reopens and work can begin again.