The Anangu Kichwa community is aware of the significant role that education plays for the development of their sustainability, which is why a part of the profits from the lodge are reinvested in the local school, also known as the Vicente Mamallacta school.

When the community came together and built the 10 classrooms according to Kichwa architecture and using local construction materials it became apparent that the necessary infrastructure to construct enough toilets for the 128 students.

A temporary solution was found by using two rustic bathrooms originally built for the use of community workers but a hygienic permanent solution was needed.

Grand Circle Foundation, through generous donations from travelers was able to fund the construction of a block of toilets and hand washing stations.

Studies have shown that student achievement can be affected either positively or negatively by the school environment.  The foundation is happy to have played a part in ensuring a healthy environment for the students and staff of the Anangu Community School.