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Thankful Thursday

  Frank Alex came to be sponsored by GCF and Ken as he graduated primary and enrolled in secondary school.  A top student, he dreamed of being a nautical engineer.  Frank thrived the first few years but as happens with many teenagers, he lost his way for a short bit and left school. After a… Read more »

Update on some of our Kenyan scholarship children – Sandra Vaughan

Since 2016, Grand Circle Foundation has funded 121,000 $ to the Kenyan Scholarship Program. Here are some updates on students. Many have finished Form 4 and would like to go to college or University, but do not have the means.   Koromo: This young man has been sponsored by GCF for over 8 years. From… Read more »

“The water can only flow thanks to the well.”

“The water can only flow thanks to the well.” African proverb If you’ve been watching the news, you may have seen stories about the lack of sufficient rains in Africa, and the worry of possible famine as crops cannot grow and livestock is dying. As part of the GCF WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) Initiative,… Read more »

Catching up with students in Kenya – Jacob and Jane

As we continue to follow up with some of the students in Kenya, now that Sandra has been able to visit after an almost 2 year pandemic induced absence, we find that none of them have been idle. Meet Jacob, who finished Form 4 last summer and received his leaving certificate (the equivalent of a… Read more »

New Year – New Beginnings

Traditionally on New Year’s Eve, we make resolutions on how we want to improve or change in the coming year.  Usually this involves changing our diet, getting more exercise etc. But it doesn’t have to be New Year’s Eve to make a resolution.  October of 2013 found Flora Ntaine, then only 11 years old, being… Read more »

Zimbabwe students share their thanks

Despite the turmoil of the last almost 2 years, students from several schools supported by Grand Circle Foundation shared letters of gratitude to our donors, and we even had a couple of students graduate!

It ain’t easy being green…

As a thank you to his community for the support he’s received over the last year while unemployed, Daudi a lodge gardener, planted and harvests kale at the Tloma Primary school. “Sukuma wiki” as it is known in Kiswhali is one of the most highly nutritious vegetables, containing Vitamins K, A, E and C along… Read more »

Almost a bride to top student

When Sandra Vaughan first met Flora in 2014, she learned that the then 11 year old who’d just lost her mother, had been “sold” off into marriage by her father.  Although early marriage is illegal in Kenya, sadly it is still an all too common practice in rural areas.  The village chairman, the Maasai Chief… Read more »