In Tanzania, Schools reopened on Monday 8th Jan. For the very 1st time ever, so does Kenya and so Grand Circle Foundation has had to be well prepared to get all 39 students back in the same week!

Starting in Tanzania, we took the students out shopping on Friday. Some of the children came with a parent or Grandmother and others who live on their own came with a caring neighbor. The first order of the day is give the kids some “fun money” to shop with. All of them chose shoes and a dress or trousers. Our shop in Karatu is tiny and not much choice….but that’s what we are used too!!

Once the fun money had been spent, uniforms were fitted, school shoes sought, undergarments, sweaters, vests, soaps and lotions were purchased, stationery and books squeezed into new school bags and then off home to get ready for Monday morning.

A whirlwind of a Friday whizzed by in seconds. BUT, none of this is at all possible without the generosity of our travelers (OAT), many who sponsor these students or add funds to a scholarship account. Thank you from all of us and from the parents, a chicken gifted to GCF as a thank you.