The end of July is marching closer, and it’s been over 3 months since our last update and gosh, lots of projects ongoing.

To date for this year 2023, the Foundation has invested 351,500$ in various projects throughout East Africa.

Here’s a quick recap.

In the Maasai Mara at Isaaten and Ole Keene Primary, GCF has funded toilets for the students and teachers. We also delivered to each site a school photocopier, desktop, 3 laptops, sound system AND a top of the range projector and screen. We got rid of the 90km drive to the nearest cybercafé and copier shop!!! We also added a full solar power system to each school.

Onwards to Amboseli where the rains were too short which has led to the start of another drought. In the region we support 3 Primary schools and 1 Secondary school.

At Lemong’o Primary we have completed 2 classrooms, 4-room teachers block and added 80 student desks and chairs. We urgently need a boy’s dormitory as last year 1 boy was tragically killed by elephant whilst walking to school. We are looking for a further 20,000$ before work can start.

At Amboseli Primary we donated 3 laptops, top of the range projector and screen and a photocopier putting an end to a 4 hour round trip to send emails or copy paperwork. We have upgraded their water catchment, renovated many classrooms, and added much needed school desks.

At Olmoti Primary we have donated laptops and a school photocopier.

At The Amboseli Lewis Secondary School we have made a conscious decision to help complete the school build. Its been an incredible 3 months where we are funding the following. A 70-bedroom girls’ dormitory, a 12 door girls’ latrine, a 5 door boys’ latrine, teachers’ toilets AND 4 room teachers block.

In Kenya we have 19 children on various scholarship programs. We have 6 at university, 8 in High school and 5 in Primary school. We are looking for someone to kindly take Saineiyie under their wing and sponsor him for 4 years. He was found wondering aimlessly herding goats and malnourished and so the school took him in. He’s already in the top 6 in class.

And so another busy few months in Kenya. My back surgery was postponed as I picked up a nasty bacterial infection, but I have a new date. 4th Aug. Just waiting on the med insurance authorization. I can’t wait to be pain free!!! Colin and I met up with our 2 daughters and their partners in Corfu in May and had a great week of valuable family time

In Tanzania we have no less than 18 children on our scholarship program with 2 in Uni and college, 12 in High School and 4 still in Primary school.

At Njia Panda Primary school we are building a 20-door latrine for the girls and a 2 door teachers toilet. Again, GCF is making sure these toilets comply with WASH and are the best in the Ward. We also just delivered musical instruments to enhance their music curriculum.

Music brings joy and happiness.

All our schools have a vegetable garden, and we continue to fund Daudi to call in every school, every month to teach sustainability and maintain the gardens.

At Endoro Primary school GCF delivered sports equipment and musical instruments to supplement their curriculum. We were astounded to hear that as a result, truancy would be nonexistent as the kids could look forward to activities in the afternoon as GCF provided the equipment!

Thank you so very much for continuing to donate to Grand Circle Foundation and of course continuing to travel with Overseas Adventure Travel. You are part of this incredible journey where hundreds of thousands of lives are impacted. Keep in touch, stay safe, be adventurous, smile and wave……and keep travelling. J

Sandra, GCF Project Manager, East Africa