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Santa Maria Della Pieta School

To build community in Sorrento and to help Italian schoolchildren prepare for their future, we’ve donated funds to the city’s Santa Maria della Pieta School. Along with computers and English software, we  provided televisions and video equipment for the school; supplied desks, chairs, and stationery equipment for students; and repaired desks and chairs in the… Read more »

St. Oliver’s National School

Located in Killarney, in the South West of Ireland, St. Oliver’s National School  is a mixed gender, full-stream, Catholic primary school that is proud of the diversity of the school.   The 749 pupils from 561 families come from all social classes and their parents from 47 different nations. 62 pupils from the Traveler Community… Read more »

Dastkar Women’s Cooperative

Dastkar was established to help craftspeople of Ranthambore, especially women, use their own traditional craft skills as a means of employment, income generation and economic self-sufficiency. Dastkar-Ranthambore strongly believes in  “craft” as a social, cultural and economic force. Despite being marginalized due to urbanization and industrialization, traditional crafts have a vital role  within the economic mainstream… Read more »

Dhonk Women’s Cooperative

The Dhonk Cooperative was established to provide alternative employment to the Mogya Tribe,  who earned a living from poaching tigers in the area. In addition to providing a source of income, the Donk Cooperative educates local community members on issues related to the forest and tigers, and 10% of all profits are donated to support tiger… Read more »

Solar Village Project  provides solar lighting and solar powered water pumps and filters to villages that are completely off the grid – and in India – to villages of the lowest castes. Grand Circle Foundation initially funded $20,000 to provide solar power and solar water pump and filters to a village of 100 homes of the untouchable… Read more »

Senkoji Temple

The 400 year old Senkoji Temple was once a prayer temple for Emperor Gosaga but was severely damaged by a major typhoon in 1959. The monks have struggled financially to rebuild the main hall as the number of parishioners and visitors has significantly declined.  Funding philanthropy projects is not common in Japan.  Grand Circle Foundation’s… Read more »

Tiga Wasa School

At the Tiga Wasa School, students traveled six miles to the next town for computer lessons. Grand Circle Foundation provided computers, but only after we funded some basics needed at the school. Formerly the school had no dining area, forcing the children to eat lunch standing up or sitting on the ground. With the Foundation’s… Read more »

Project Hope School (Escuela Esperanza)

In many of Guatemala’s poor, mountainside communities, parents simply cannot afford to send their children to school. Instead, these children must stay home to take care of their younger siblings—or perhaps even join the workforce. Escuela Proyecto La Esperanza, a primary and secondary school in Jocotenango village, is working to change this. The school supports… Read more »

Safe Passage (Camino Seguro)

Located on the edge of the Guatemala City garbage dump, Safe Passage’s mission is to empower the poorest children and families in the surrounding community. Each day, Safe Passage provides nearly 500 children and 100 parents with education, social services, and the chance to move beyond the poverty their families have faced for generations. Safe Passage is… Read more »

SafeWater Ceramic Filters

Clean safe water is an issue throughout Tanzania. In Arusha, the water that finally makes it to the taps has 109 pathogenic bacteria in it, which will cause stomach upsets including typhoid and cholera.  And that’s if you’re lucky enough to have running water.  Most collect water from mud holes. The filters are made locally… Read more »