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Changarwe Primary School

Changarwe Primary is in Karatu alongside the main road to Lake Eyasi. It has 412 pupils, only 8 teachers, 7 classes and 2 preschool classes and has struggled academically, and is our newest partner. There are many reasons why we look to support new schools but the 2 biggest driving forces are academic performance and… Read more »

Eluway Primary School

The 294 students here, who range in age from four to 15 years old, were getting by with just one textbook for every four students and only 122 desks. In the short 4 years that we have been at Eluway Primary School we have purchased desks and school supplies.  We’ve also renovated classrooms and the… Read more »

Tarangire Primary School

On the outskirts of Tarangire National Park this school serves over 600 children from neighboring bomas.  Like so many other schools across Tanzania, although it is a government school, the $3 per student it receives annually leaves it with many needs. Grand Circle Foundation has been able to build toilets and a kitchen, a water… Read more »

Tloma Primary School

At Tloma Primary School, a little bit can go a long way. When we first arrived at Tloma, the overcrowded conditions at this school forced many of the 650 students to share desks and the few resources the school had. Since 2012 we’ve been able to build toilets, renovate classrooms and the kitchen, purchase desks… Read more »

Pets Providing Pedals Bicycle Program

It All Began with a Single Bike Naomi and Mark Hughes first visited Tanzania with OAT in 2009.  A lifelong animal lover, Naomi knew that she’d fall in love with the animals of the Serengeti, what she hadn’t anticipated is how deeply she fell in love with the people of Tanzania.   “Although words cannot… Read more »

Njia Panda Primary School

Our longtime partnership with Njia Panda Primary School has made a significant impact. We’ve been with this school since 2004 and beyond the construction of classrooms, toilets a kitchen and dining hall we’ve also built a greenhouse. None of this would have been possible without the support and leadership of the school principal, Emanuel. Once… Read more »

Endoro Primary School

Located in the village of Karatu, Endoro Primary has just over 600 students. When we first came to this school there were such a shortage of basic necessities that 4-5 students would share a desk and in one classroom there were no desks at all. Since then we’ve not only supplied the needed desks, but… Read more »

Rhotia Primary School

Years later, thousands of books and school supplies have allowed this school of over 500 students to have a book for each rather than 2 or 3 books for an entire class. Construction of toilets, teacher housing and the renovation of the kitchen and classrooms further ensures that the children will have a good learning… Read more »

Sigatoka District School

Located on Viti Levu, the largest and most populous island in the archipelago of Fiji, Sigatoka serves as an educational center for the South Pacific nation. When Grand Circle Foundation launched a partnership with the Sigatoka District School in 2009,  it was greatly in need of renovations. Foundation funds repaired a damaged roof and installed… Read more »

Kaitao Middle School

Achieving Success Together Achieving success together is the motto for Kaitao Middle School and we couldn’t have said it better. Since our partnership began in 2006 we’ve helped the school work towards this success by funding the construction of a performance hall and the purchase of traditional uniforms used in Maori performances, a Maori community… Read more »