Local children in Karanac, Croatia spend the first 4 years of their elementary level education in Karanac, and then travel for 4 years to the nearby town to complete their elementary school education.

There are approximately 40 pupils attending the elementary school in Karanac, and classes are organized in two classrooms: 1st and 3rd graders in one, and 2nd and 4th graders in another classroom. They learn about the history, natural science, art, music, Croatian language, physical education and at least one foreign language.  Classes are always scheduled in the mornings.

Karanac is a multiethnic village with no more than 900 inhabitants. Due to it’s turbulent past throughout the 20th century and agricultural & farming challenges that Croatia is facing since Croatia joined the EU in 2013, Karanac and entire region are constantly losing their population. Out of 21 counties that represent the administrative division of Croatia, Karanac belongs to one of the poorest ones.  The local government has a very limited budget to ensure better facilities and equipment in the local kindergarten and elementary school.

The  kindergarten is placed in the same building as the elementary school, so the third room is arranged as indoor playground for the 20-25 children between the ages of two and six. The building is also equipped with the small kitchen, restroom facilities and a hall where elementary school children eat and play during the rainy periods or cold winter months.

Thanks to the donations and contributions from Grand Circle Foundation, many things have been improved in and around the building. Ceiling and the walls have been repaired and painted; restroom facilities have been updated; and a broken glass wall in the indoor hall that seriously endangered children and staff was fixed.