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Escuela Sol de Pacifico

This remote school was scheduled to be closed by the government and the children transported to a larger, distant school. The community banded together to keep the school open, preserving local traditions. The Sol del Pacifico School educates a group of 19 children—ages 6-12—who live in a rural community on Chile’s Pacific Coast. GCF and the… Read more »

Escuela El Laurel

The 230 students at El Laurel School are the sons and daughters of the coffee pickers from the region, and attend classes only in the morning. GCF provided funding to renovate the library, add solar power, and purchase uniforms and musical instruments. We also updated the kitchen and helped the school begin a chicken rearing… Read more »

Chhoeu Teal Primary School

In this primary school of 8 classrooms, the most urgent need was to update the bathrooms. With funding from GCF and help from the community, 4 toilets and hand washing basins were built. GCF funded computers to help students learn English, but first needed to provide funding for and access to electricity. To supplement the… Read more »

Nepal Earthquake Relief

In the wake of the devastating 7.8 earthquake in 2015, Grand Circle travelers and associates came together to fund Grand Circle Foundation’s relief efforts. We identified and continue to work with 5 organizations in Nepal:  Himalayan Trust Foundation, Nepal Orthopedic Hospital, Yeti Foundation, Environmental Camps for Conservation Awareness and 7 Summits Women. With the help… Read more »

Himalayan Trust Nepal

Sir Edmund Hillary, on his many treks through the Annapurna Range of Nepal had come to hold a special place in his heart for the Sherpa communities living there. Resources like schools and hospitals are scarce in this rugged mountainous expanse.  Through the Himalayan Trust, established in 1960, Sir Edmund Hillary and other supporters like… Read more »

Kinderdijk Windmills

Kinderdijk is made up of 19 historic, well-preserved windmills, which became protected by UNESCO in 1997. Kinderdijk takes its name from a 16th-century legend involving a baby (or kinder), a cradle, and a cat that all survived being tossed into raging waters. For centuries, the Dutch were at the mercy of frequent floods. Around 1740,… Read more »

Shree Tanchok Basic School

This school of only 19 children aged 3 to 10 years old is our newest partner in Nepal. Our very first project was to renovate the existing toilet so that the children and teacher have a hygienic environment.  We look forward to helping the children at this small school succeed in the years to come…. Read more »

Tomejhong Village & Ama Samuha Mother’s Group

Tomejhong Village is located in the foothills of the Annapurna mountains and populated by the Gorkha people who arrived in western Nepal from India centuries ago.   They trace their roots to the Rajput clan – part of the Kshatriya, or warrior class – from classic Hindu tradition. Their culture is a fascinating blend of… Read more »

Laxmi Primary School

Today, five million students fill more than 20,000 schools in Nepal (from elementary schools to universities), and many of the more remote schools operate with very limited resources. We’ve been visiting the Laxmi Primary School and it’s 30 students since 2009.  To help support this remote school, Grand Circle Foundation has renovated the bathroom, installed… Read more »

Aye Yeik Mon Orphanage

It currently provides housing and assistance for more than 120 girls. From new toilets, a new roof, renovation of the kitchen and dining hall, new beds and bedding and a new playground, working together since 2011 has slowly transformed this once deteriorating compound into a safe comfortable home for these girls. In Aye Yeik Mon… Read more »