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Monteverde Conservation League

The Monteverde Conservation League (MCL), founded in 1986 in Monteverde, Costa Rica, initially focused on buying land for conservation. Donors from more than 40 countries and territories contributed to the purchase of almost 23,000 hectares by 2016. This protected area, known as the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (or “BEN” after the Spanish “Bosque Eterno de losNiños”)… Read more »

Karanac Elementary School

Local children in Karanac, Croatia spend the first 4 years of their elementary level education in Karanac, and then travel for 4 years to the nearby town to complete their elementary school education. There are approximately 40 pupils attending the elementary school in Karanac, and classes are organized in two classrooms: 1st and 3rd graders… Read more »

Pu Ong Ka Primary School

Many of the 220 children at this rural school are immigrants from Burma. Parents of these children can not afford the sports uniform which is a requirement for attendance, so Grand Circle Foundation stepped in and provided a new uniform for each child. We’ve also sponsored English language lessons, computers, books, the purchase of traditional… Read more »

Krovan Primary School

Most of the students who attend Krovan Primary School are living in Krovan village, but others come from further villages, two to three miles away. One of the first projects funded by Grand Circle Foundation was the purchase of 45 bikes to be distributed to the children who lived furthest from the school. Grand Circle Foundation… Read more »

Cuiaba Mirim School

The teachers at Cuiaba Mirim School were often on strike and the school was closed, leaving local children no option for an education. Due to  political problems, and the inconsistency of the school classes, the community members together with funding from Grand Circle Foundation built a Cultural and School Community Center. The space includes a… Read more »

Yipirinya School

The establishment of the school was the initiative of members of the Alice Springs town camp community in response to dissatisfaction with mainstream schools, which did not offer programs which supported the world view and cultural background of the children. Parents were concerned that their children would lose their language and spiritual link with land…. Read more »

La Concepcion School

Located on an island outside of Tigre in the Parana Delta Region, the students at La Concepcion School arrive each day by boat. One of the many projects Grand Circle Foundation funded was the purchase of 20 life jackets so students who travel to school by boat can arrive safely. We repaired or replaced the… Read more »

Kangaroo Island & Bushfire Relief

Kangaroo Island is the third largest island off the coast of Australia. The island boasts 21 National and Conservation parks covering over 30% of the total island. The island has an abundance of fauna seldom found elsewhere. The species on Kangaroo Island suffered from a dramatic decline and many were considered rare by the Australian… Read more »

Mae Yang Rong Primary School

Many of the 120 students who attend the Mae Yang Rong Primary School in the Northern Province of Phrae live very far away. To help them when we first arrived at the school we supplied them with bicycles which would then be passed down to new students as the children graduated. We also provided new… Read more »

Boonyapark Early Childhood Center

Boonyapark had 40 young children aged 2-4, from the local community doing all their activities in one classroom. Our first project was to build a new study room (with books) to allow the children to have separate areas for school work and play time or nap time.  We also built a covered walkway between the… Read more »