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Rick & Diane Hickman help students Dress for Success

When Rick Hickman’s father was growing up during the Depression, he attended an all-boys’ school where the students wore uniforms every day except Friday. While Rick’s father himself always had nice clothes, he was struck by the fact that a quarter of the boys didn’t show up at school on Fridays because they didn’t have… Read more »

Donating parkas after visiting Antarctica

Every year, at the end of the cruise to Antarctica, travelers are invited to leave any clothing they will no longer wear – either because they live in a hot climate or they do not want to carry the items back home. We explain all items will be donated to the local community of Ushuaia…. Read more »

Protect Our Winters

The Lewis Family Foundation and Grand Circle Foundation began a partnership with Protect Our Winters in 2011 and have donated $210,000 to support their efforts to educate and advocate on climate change issues. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, Protect Our Winters (POW) turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. POW leads… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Matt O’Malia

Founder, OPAL, GO Logic, GO Lab, Belfast Maine Award-winning architect Matthew O’Malia has spent his career rethinking every detail of building construction, with an eye toward high performance, quality, and sustainability. The designer of Alnoba, the Lewis Family Foundation leadership center in Kensington, New Hampshire, he offers his thoughts on the future of architecture. Foundation:… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Torrey Udall

Director of Development and Operations, Protect Our Winters, Boulder, Colorado Founded in 2007, Protect Our Winters helps to turn outdoor enthusiasts into advocates for solutions to climate change. Torrey Udall joined the organization in 2016 and shares how his small team can produce outsized results. Foundation: What is Protect Our Winters? Udall: Quite simply, our… Read more »

Society to Protect New Hampshire Forests

Over the years the Lewis Family Foundation developed a set of core tenets that help guide all our work – Be Mindful; Be Urgent; Be an Example; Be a Teacher; Be in the Fight. These core tenets are particularly important in our work in conservation and sustainability because they remind us that for all its… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Jane Difley

Jane-Difley: Leaders We Admire

President/Forester, Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests Concord, New Hampshire For 22 years, Jane Difley has helped lead the effort to protect New Hampshire’s forests. In honor of her efforts, she was awarded the first-ever Alnoba Moral Courage in Leadership Award last year. Now on the verge of retirement, she reflects on her… Read more »

Bears Ears National Monument and Friends of Cedar Mesa

Bears Ear Blog Post

“Leave it as it is,” President Teddy Roosevelt told the crowd on May 6, 1903, while overlooking the Grand Canyon. “You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it. What you can do is to keep it for your children, your children’s children, and for… Read more »

Leaders We Admire: Josh Ewing

Leaders we Admire_Jeff Ewing

Executive Director, Friends of Cedar Mesa Bluff, Utah When Josh Ewing left a six-figure, 80-hour-a-week job in advertising, he had no intention of entering the nonprofit world—until he and his wife moved to southeastern Utah and discovered San Juan County. He shares the journey that led to his joining the fight to protect Bears Ears… Read more »

Ali Mae Reagan Memorial Fund

Alison Mae Regan—”Ali,” to her family and friends—was a gifted athlete … an excellent student … and a friendly, blonde young woman with a big heart and a warm smile. After graduating from college, she devoted herself with energy and enthusiasm to her job as a teacher at a school for autistic children. Too soon,… Read more »