Author: Pam Schweppe

Free-Spirited Donations

O.A.T Travelers Lynn & Denny Allen Give as the Spirit Moves Them

An Education Well Earned

O.A.T. Travelers Ann & Jack Womeldorf Provide a Scholarship for a Struggling Student

O.A.T. Traveler Sandy Lopez Makes Supporting the Foundation an Annual Event

When Sandy Lopez lost her husband, she thought her traveling days were pretty much behind her. Then, a friend talked her into taking a Grand Circle’s Panama Canal Cruise & Panama: A Continent Divided, Oceans United trip. A retired corrections lieutenant, Sandy was uneasy at first about traveling alone in foreign country. When she met… Read more »

Empowerment in the Developing World

How O.A.T. Travelers Marci and Dave Utela Support Women and Children in Africa O.A.T. and Grand Circle travelers are generous in bringing pencils, notebooks, postcards, and other small gifts to distribute to students during their visits to local schools. But some travelers decide to do even more for the children who touch their hearts in… Read more »

How the Mitchell/Rushing Foundation Supports Grand Circle Foundation

Throughout its history, Grand Circle Foundation has been dedicated to giving back to communities along the paths of Overseas Adventure Travel tours. It is assisted in that effort by the Mitchell/Rushing Foundation, a charitable organization founded by eight-time travelers Quinn Mitchell and Larry Rushing of Temple Terrace, Florida. Quinn and Larry spent a career in… Read more »

Everything Old Is New Again

How Alnoba Has Borrowed a Tactic from the Past to Look Toward the Future In troubled times, how do people find a path for to helping make the world a better place? Sometimes, inspiration comes from the past. And sometimes, it comes from the young. That was the case in the 1960s, when opposition to… Read more »

O.A.T. travelers Terry and Nancy Dignan help put Kenyan students through High School

When seasoned travelers Terry and Nancy Dignan are deciding where and how to travel, they’re not interested in megaliners with their glamorous casinos and flashy entertainment. The East Troy, Wisconsin, couple looks for a travel provider that offers learning and discovery. So it’s natural that they have chosen O.A.T. and Grand Circle for 11 trips… Read more »

O.A.T. Travelers George and Lynda Carlson support the rescue of a Kenyan Primary Student

Put yourself in George and Lynda Carlson’s shoes. The Neavitt, Maryland, couple were visiting Kenya on the Best of Kenya & Tanzania adventure, when their small group was greeted by Sandra Vaughan, Grand Circle Foundation’s East Africa Foundation Project Manager. Sandra’s duties prevent her from meeting with all O.A.T. travelers to the region, but on… Read more »

Learning the Ropes

Boston Prep Students Get a Lesson in Teamwork at Pinnacle Leadership Center At Boston Prep, a charter public school in Hyde Park, Mass., instilling lifelong values in the next generation of leaders isn’t just a nice thought; it’s a tangible, everyday goal. A school for grades six through 12, with a support structure that continues… Read more »

Turning the Tide on Truancy

Grand Circle Foundation Tackles the Primary Issue at Changarawe Primary School Travelers often ask how we choose which schools to support with Grand Circle Foundation funds and projects. There are many factors, but the two biggest driving forces are academic performance and truancy levels. We’ve singled out these areas for help as we believe that… Read more »