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Citizens Count

In the first-in-the-nation primary state of New Hampshire, voters are serious about their role on presidential politics. But while the vote for president is important, there are also down-ballot races and issues that are equally important because they impact lives on a daily basis. Citizens Count is a nonprofit, nonpartisan, New Hampshire-based organization whose mission… Read more »

Anna Brown

Did you ever look at a ballot and not have any idea who the candidates are in a given race? Or wonder about bills pending in the Legislature? Or want to make your opinion known to your government representatives? In New Hampshire, voters can turn to Citizens Count online for information. Anna Brown serves as the organization’s director of research and analysis.

Conservation Media Group

The Lewis Family Foundation proudly underwrote the establishment of the Conservation Media Group (CMG) in 2014. The funding was used to create capacity-building and training infrastructure to support film/video activists and non-profit advocacy organizations. We believe video storytelling in campaign settings is a vital conservation strategy and tool. CMG focuses on three program areas: providing… Read more »

David Conover

Many O.A.T. travelers are familiar with David Conover as a filmmaker and conservationist, as his production team has curated hundreds of independently produced films for the company for several years. Here, he discusses how storytelling also propels his other efforts with Conservation Media Group (CMG).

Friends of Cedar Mesa

“Leave it as it is,” President Teddy Roosevelt told the crowd on May 6, 1903, while overlooking the Grand Canyon. “You cannot improve on it. The ages have been at work on it, and man can only mar it. What you can do is to keep it for your children, your children’s children, and for… Read more »

Josh Ewing

When Josh Ewing left a six-figure, 80-hour-a-week job in advertising, he had no intention of entering the nonprofit world—until he and his wife moved to southeastern Utah and discovered San Juan County.

Great Old Broads For Wilderness

Great Old Broads for Wilderness is a national grassroots organization, led by women, that engages and inspires activism to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. Started in 1989 on the 25th anniversary of the Wilderness Act by a feisty bunch of lady hikers who wanted to refute Utah Senator Orrin Hatch’s notion that wilderness… Read more »

Shelley Silbert

Inspired by her mother, a biology teacher, to love nature, Shelley Silbert worked for the Nature Conservancy and Northern Arizona University before looking for an organization where she could do more activism around issues relating to public lands and climate. Today, she is the Executive Director of Great Old Broads for Wilderness, a 30-year-old national grassroots organization led by women with the purpose of engaging and inspiring activism to preserve and protect wilderness and wild lands. The Lewis Family Foundation is proud to host the organization’s annual training program at its Alnoba headquarters this spring.


The Lewis Family Foundation, with its interests in empowering emerging leaders, building strong partnerships, and using storytelling to drive action and impact, is excited to partner with the media organization Grist to build a New England hub for the Fix  program. Fix will facilitate events that convene Fixers from diverse backgrounds to generate surprising, “that-just-might-work”… Read more »

Chip Giller

From childhood, Chip Giller has had two passions: journalism and the environment. By college, he was thinking about how to communicate environmental issues in a new and different way. Out of this vision, Grist was born.

Himalayan Trust Nepal

One of Grand Circle Foundation’s strongest and most enduring partnerships is with the Himalayan Trust Nepal. The partnership began in 1993, with a focus on improving education, and our donations total $793,499 to date. The next project we are supporting will provide $40,988 in funding for the Shree Juving Secondary School in the Mapya Dudhkoshi… Read more »

Mingma Norbu Sherpa

The leader of the Himalayan Trust Nepal is busy planning and celebrating the Centenary of Sir Edmund Hillary. Our interview will be posted soon.

Hurricane Island

Hurricane Island was established 50 years ago as Outward Bound‘s first sea-based school. Hurricane Island, a remote island approximately 75 miles northeast of Portland, Maine, served as the summer base camp for sailing, sea kayaking, and rock climbing programs. Today, the Hurricane Island Foundation provides a venue for many different groups using the island for… Read more »

Bo Hoppin

Located about twelve miles off the coast of Rockland, Maine, in Penobscot Bay, Hurricane Island integrates science education, applied research, and leadership development in a sustainable environment. Bo Hoppin describes the island’s mission and his vision for its future.

International Funders for Indigenous People

With a population of more than 370 million in 90 countries—and a culture of self-help, innovation, and sharing—indigenous peoples can be invaluable contributors toward solving today’s most pressing problems, including climate change, biodiversity preservation, and sustainable management of natural resources. For 17 years, International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP) has sought to build mutually beneficial… Read more »

Lourdes Inga

Of Quechua heritage from Peru, Lourdes Inga was born in Lima and has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area for many years. A career in philanthropy culminated in her joining the board of International Funders for Indigenous Peoples (IFIP). She now serves as Executive Director.


Assisting indigenous and traditional communities in the creation of sustainable development projects that help to generate income without jeopardizing their biological and cultural resources. We have partnered with One Planet NGO to support the Maijuna community to raise stingless bees in the Amazon. Amazonian stingless bees produce a type of honey that is highly valued for… Read more »

Michael Gilmore

Community organization and well-being, biocultural conservation, and responsible development are the goals of OnePlanet, a nonprofit that partners with indigenous and traditional communities to build a more sustainable world. An Associate Professor of Integrative Studies at George Mason University, Mike Gilmore is also the president and founder of OnePlanet. He shares his thoughts on the organization’s community-driven activities, including a stingless beekeeping project in the Peruvian Amazon supported by Grand Circle Foundation.

Protect Our Winters

The Lewis Family Foundation and Grand Circle Foundation began a partnership with Protect Our Winters in 2011 and have donated $210,000 to support their efforts to educate and advocate on climate change issues. Founded by professional snowboarder Jeremy Jones in 2007, Protect Our Winters (POW) turns passionate outdoor people into effective climate advocates. POW leads… Read more »

Torrey Udall

Founded in 2007, Protect Our Winters helps to turn outdoor enthusiasts into advocates for solutions to climate change. Torrey Udall joined the organization in 2016 and shares how his small team can produce outsized results.

ReVision Energy

As a full service renewable energy contractor, ReVision provides a complete range of engineering, design, installation and equipment services for homes, businesses, municipal buildings and nonprofits, and is a company driven by a mission to reduce fossil fuel use in Northern New England. ReVision’s mission aligns with the Lewis Family Foundation’s mission to be a… Read more »

Phil Coupe

Phil Couple is the co-founder of ReVision Energy—an employee-owned, B Corp solar company—created to solve the environmental problems caused by fossil fuels and to alleviate social and economic injustice.

Sacred Earth Solar

Sacred Earth Solar empowers front line Indigenous communities with renewable energy. The Lewis Family Foundation and Grand Circle Foundation have partnered with Sacred Earth Solar to support the Tiny House Warriors in their fight against Trans Mountain Pipeline camps by providing the funding required to build four tiny homes. One of the core tenets that… Read more »

Melina Laboucan-Massimo

Melina Laboucan-Massimo, a Lubicon Cree from Northern Alberta, Canada, has worked on social, environmental, and climate justice issues for the past 15 years. Her organization, Sacred Earth Solar, empowers frontline Indigenous communities with renewable energy as they seek to protect their homelands from becoming fossil fuel extraction zones.

San Francisco Microfarm

Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with the San Francisco Chachagua School in Costa Rica to create a sustainable microfarm that not only feeds 184 students breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner, but it also impacts the entire community with its surplus food supply and lifelong lessons in sustainable agriculture. Funding was provided to purchase the… Read more »

Eulin Chacon

As the principal of the San Francisco School for 21 years, Eulin Chacon has been a leader in making the microfarm a success. Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with the San Francisco Chachagua School to create a sustainable microfarm that not only feeds 184 students breakfast, lunch, and sometimes even dinner, but it also impacts the entire community with its surplus food supply and lifelong lessons in sustainable agriculture.

Shake Hands with the World

Grand Circle Foundation (GCF) partners with Shake Hands With the World to provide additional support to the Duc Son Orphanage in Hue, Vietnam, also known as the Minh Tu Orphanage. GCF has funded projects at the orphanage since 2002, and was happy to collaborate with Shake Hands with World on a project to provide a… Read more »

Gregg Marston

The owner and retired president and CEO of VBT Bicycling & Walking Vacations, Gregg Marston and his wife Caroline were on a tour of Vietnam with a small group of VBT travelers when they came upon the Duc Son orphanage in the city of Hué. They were instantly moved by the children they met there and decided to do what they could to help them. That determination led them to create Shake Hands with the World.

Shoals Marine Laboratory

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) is dedicated to undergraduate education and research in marine science. Since 1966, SML has offered undergraduate students a unique opportunity to study marine science in the field with exceptional faculty from institutions throughout North America. Learning at SML is grounded in truly “hands-on” educational experiences. SML courses and internships provide rigorous training in… Read more »

Jennifer Seavey

Shoals Marine Laboratory (SML) serves as the marine station for both Cornell University and the University of New Hampshire. As SML’s John M. Kingsbury Executive Director, Jennifer Seavey oversees its operations and is a faculty member of both institutions.

Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests

For a small state, New Hampshire has a whole lot of forest. In fact, 82% of the state is forested. And there’s one organization that’s determined to make sure that forest is protected until the end of time: the aptly named Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests.   Founded in 1901, the Forest… Read more »

Jack Savage

Founded in 1901, the Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests is a conservation organization tasked with protecting these lands for future generations. Its president, Jack Savage, shares his thoughts on how the Forest Society pursues this mission.

Society to Protect NH Forests

Over the years the Lewis Family Foundation developed a set of core tenets that help guide all our work – Be Mindful; Be Urgent; Be an Example; Be a Teacher; Be in the Fight. These core tenets are particularly important in our work in conservation and sustainability because they remind us that for all its… Read more »

Jane Difley

For 22 years, Jane Difley has helped lead the effort to protect New Hampshire’s forests. In honor of her efforts, she was awarded the first-ever Alnoba Moral Courage in Leadership Award last year.

Wine to Water

Grand Circle Foundation and the Lewis Family Foundation have funded $105,525 to Wine to Water to support our WASH (Water, And Sanitation, Hygiene) initiative. Launched in 2015,  the goal is for every school and village we support to have access to an adequate supply of clean water, and toilets that meet or exceed local standards. By early 2018,… Read more »

Doc Hendley

Doc Hendley dreamed up the concept of Wine To Water while bartending and playing music in nightclubs around Raleigh, NC. In February 2004, Doc held his first fundraiser. And by August, he was living halfway around the globe in Sudan, Africa installing water systems for victims of the government-supported genocide.