From water to wildlife.

When Grand Circle Foundation first partnered with this village in 2011 the only available water came from a water hole that was also frequented by wildlife, leading to many illnesses.  Partnership has brought significant positive changes to the Maasai living in this community.  Funding from the foundation has brought clean water through rain water catchment systems and filters, solar powered lanterns and string lights.

The saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” is clearly demonstrated in Kenya when a 13 year old Maasai boy realized that flashing lights strung around his family’s livestock pen kept the predators away at night.  Grand Circle Foundation has since funded over 200 sets of flashing solar lights at several bomas with the end result that not a single attack has occurred since.  This has not only resulted in saving livestock but also the lions themselves since the Maasai are not killing the lions in retaliation.