On November 26, 2019 Albania was rocked by a 6.4 magnitude earthquake, killing 51 people, and leaving thousands with homes destroyed and uninhabitable. Homes, schools, hospitals, churches were destroyed or severely damaged.

Josif Goga, VP Corporate Travel is originally from Albania, and with his help we were able to provide an initial donation of $10,000 in disaster relief, which purchased wood burning stoves to help heat the tents that 35 families (175 people) were living in through that winter.

Josif was then able to work with a community in Tirana that provided support to 500 families with special needs children at it’s community center.  Grand Circle Foundation provided the funds to reconstruct and renovate the badly damaged center.

Although the Covid pandemic slowed down the construction, we are happy to know that it is now complete and families are able to once again enjoy all the services that it offers.