It All Began with a Single Bike

Naomi and Mark Hughes first visited Tanzania with OAT in 2009.  A lifelong animal lover, Naomi knew that she’d fall in love with the animals of the Serengeti, what she hadn’t anticipated is how deeply she fell in love with the people of Tanzania.   “Although words cannot begin to describe the animals of the Serengeti, I have learned that the people of Tanzania are even more unbelievable,” she says.

After realizing the importance of a simple mode of transportation in the lives of `the students and their families, Naomi and Mark were instrumental in working with Grand Circle Foundation in the creation of the Pets Providing Pedals Bicycle Program.

To date, over 1400 bikes have been donated to graduating students and some of their teachers at foundation supported schools. It has been a continuous cycle of giving. If you would like to help provide a bike, you can donate here.