Assisting indigenous and traditional communities in the creation of sustainable development projects that help to generate income without jeopardizing their biological and cultural resources.

We have partnered with One Planet NGO to support the Maijuna community to raise stingless bees in the Amazon. Amazonian stingless bees produce a type of honey that is highly valued for both its unique taste and medicinal qualities.  Regionally, stingless bee products garner a premium price and there is a robust market for their honey. One Planet is training communities to raise stingless bees as a sustainable source of income, providing alternatives from other more destructive economic activities. There are now over 50 stingless beehives in one Maijuna community with more on the way.

Stingless bees depend on the forest for survival so it is in the best interest of communities that practice beekeeping to conserve the forest because it becomes a source of economic potential. This provides powerful alternatives to individuals allowing them to earn money while conserving their forests as well as maintaining their traditional lifestyle and culture. In short, without viable sustainable income generating activities such as stingless beekeeping, the allure of logging and overhunting may be too great for the Maijuna to ignore given the need to provide for their families.

This community-based stingless beekeeping project empowers the Maijuna to earn sustainable income, which can then be used for school supplies, health care, and other basic yet critically important family expenses. This is real sustainable income, helping to improve the lives of real people.