Legado is a women-led, global nonprofit that works alongside indigenous peoples and local communities (IPLCs) in places important for biodiversity (Kenya, Mozambique, Peru, and growing) to ensure they have the tools, resources, and partnerships they need to design and implement solutions of their choosing that benefit both their communities and landscapes—an outcome we call Thriving Futures.

The goal is to support a locally-led system for sustained collective action that fosters adaptability and resilience for meeting current and future challenges.

Grand Circle Foundation sponsored an initiative in Kenya to support maternal health in the Ngilai Central Community Conservancy, a primarily Samburu community that completed the Thriving Futures process with Legado in 2022.

Coordinating the purchase and delivery of more than 150 maternal delivery kits to the Lolkuniyani Maternity Shelter at the Lolkuniyani Dispensary and the Ngilai Central Dispensary a traditional Samburu birthing structure built by the Ngilai Community to augment services available at the Lolkuyani Dispensary.

Supporting Community Health Volunteers for follow up visits to households that recently delivered babies and the provision of high nutrient meals for mothers post-delivery.

Support community and Sub-County health meetings to incorporate maternity kits into the Samburu Sub-County health planning, creating a sustainable path for the ongoing provision of maternal delivery kits with the goal of reducing maternal and infant illness and mortality.