It has only been in the last five decades that ordinary Nepali children have been able to enjoy schooling.  A result of the popular democratic uprising that ended the rule of the royal family.

Today, five million students fill more than 20,000 schools in Nepal (from elementary schools to universities), and many of the more remote schools operate with very limited resources. We’ve been visiting the Laxmi Primary School and it’s 30 students since 2009.  To help support this remote school, Grand Circle Foundation has renovated the bathroom, installed solar panels to provide electricity, purchased computers and uniforms and built a classroom.

It was for me an amazing experience to give the uniform to students of Laxmi Primary School through the Grand Circle Foundation. The children were not aware that they were getting any uniforms. They were thrilled to have the uniforms including a sweater, proper school shoes, socks and stocking. They were dancing with joy because alot of students came to the school with flip flop and it was very very cold day. Even the parents were very happy (who were there) seeing each children got two uniforms. The teachers were very very happy because they got the uniforms. Overall it was a stunning moment to everyone and the children sang a song to the Sponsor. –Rajesh Regmi OAT Trip Leader