Grand Circle Foundation supports  16 children on a variety of scholarships in Kenya, who are in schools spread across a 200 mile radius.

Our project manager in East Africa travels to the schools to keep in touch with the students and this is what she tells us.

“Supporting children doesn’t just mean we pay their school fees and make sure they have a uniform. That’s the easy part and can now be done via a wire transfer. No, GCF takes it further. We make sure our kids are not embarrassed when they arrive in boarding school because they are missing undergarments, or a nice shirt to attend church in. We check they have a home to go to when school closes as some of the children are in fact orphans. We cross check they have personal items like laundry soap, shoe polish, access to some pocket money.”

“Have they got enough pens, and stationary, work books and revision books. Have they got a story book to read in their free time or soccer shoes to play in the local football team?”

We try our very best to ensure our kids that are lucky to be sponsored don’t have unsurmountable problems to deal with as well as try to succeed in class.

It’s very rewarding especially when you see them all passing first and second year of Secondary.