Achieving Success Together

Achieving success together is the motto for Kaitao Middle School and we couldn’t have said it better.

Since our partnership began in 2006 we’ve helped the school work towards this success by funding the construction of a performance hall and the purchase of traditional uniforms used in Maori performances, a Maori community house known as a Marae complex, set up a digital classroom with interactive technology in addition to purchasing IPads, funded solar energy for two new classrooms and renovated toilets.

Located in a working class suburb of Rotorua, with the help of Grand Circle Foundation the school has been able to go the extra mile in offering opportunities to its students.  The purchase of IPads allowed the school to increase engagement and development of creativity by giving students the opportunity to create digital stories using iMovie.  This helped lift levels of achievement in writing and other forms of literacy.  The ability for students to learn anywhere at anytime has them recording field trips and later sharing them with the school and parents through class blogs.