When Hurricane Maria hit, Puerto Rico suffered catastrophic damage and a major humanitarian crisis.

Most of the island’s population suffered from flooding and lack of resources, compounded by the slow relief process. The storm caused the worst electrical blackout in U.S. history and months after the hurricane hit, thousands of homes and businesses were still without power.

ReVision Energy is a long-term partner of Alnoba and the Lewis Family Foundation. Revision worked with other solar companies and a disaster relief agency to send portable emergency solar power and water purification units to remote devastated areas of Puerto Rico where the grid was still months away from returning and where clean drinking water is non-existent.

Revision raised $16,000 and received donated equipment to build the first three solar-powered trailers that had battery storage, electrical outlets for charging cell phones, laptops and emergency communications gear, water purification systems and lights for communities to use when the sun goes down. To complete the buildout of the three trailers, $11,000 was needed, which Grand Circle Foundation proudly funded.