For the 200 children who attend school in this remote village, the partnership with Grand Circle Foundation has had a huge impact on their health.

One of the first projects that the foundation undertook, was the installation of a water filter.  This locally manufactured sand filter treats contaminated water by filtering the water through sand and making it fit for drinking.  The slow sand filtration technique ensures simultaneous bacteriological, chemical and physical filtration of the water thus reducing the risk of gastrointestinal disease.

To further ensure the health of the children we also repaired the windows and funded the construction of a safety tank for waste water so that it no longer collected in the school area.

Our latest project, thanks to the suggestion of an OAT traveler, was to include “hoodies” as part of the school uniform.  The traveler noticed that most of the children couldn’t afford a warm outer layer, and although this part of India doesn’t see the cold of more northern climates, it does get chilly enough that a sweatshirt provides that needed warmth.

And to help support the school when the local electrical grid proved unreliable, we installed solar panels.