Providing textbooks for each grade was one of the first projects funded by Grand Circle Foundation in partnership with our generous donors.

In 2014, there were fewer than 2 copies of a text book per grade for the students to share. And there were no basic supplies- no paper, pencils, chalk. Each year, we begin the school year by delivering basic supplies that are not provided by the government, and we end the year by providing an “exam packet” for each student to ensure they have the tools needed and a snack, as many do not have a daily breakfast. All Grade 7 students also receive a solar powered study lamp to start the year, to help them prepare for their final exams, which determine what Secondary School they will be allowed to attend.

As part of our WASH initiative (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) we provided a water catchment system and water filters; and built new toilets. We also built a kitchen that uses smokeless cooking pots to reduce the amount of wood needed to maintain the fire, and provided enough cups and plates so children do not need to share at lunch time. We also renovated classrooms and provided new desks and benches.

And once water was available we started planting trees, both fruit trees and greenery.  This is a long term project that in 3-5 years will provide both a source of nutrition and a source of income to the schools, and the difference in just 3 short years has been astounding.

Ayalabe 2018

Ayalabe 2021


When a sinkhole appeared under the boy’s toilet at Ayalabe Primary School in Tanzania last year, it was quickly condemned and torn down. With the support of Jeannie Ling and the Cheng Family Foundation, and the guidance and input of Willy Chambulo, (a longtime friend of OAT & GCF), a new boy’s toilet has been completed. With transparent sheet roofing to allow in natural light, air holes for circulation and tiles for cleanliness, we’re pretty proud of our new toilet.