Masaai are among the best known local populations in Kenya due to their residence near Amboseli National Park,  and their distinctive customs and dress.

The Kenyan government instituted programs to encourage the Maasai to abandon their traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle, but the people have continued their age-old customs. Grand Circle Foundation has supported this tribe by funding water filters and solar lights.

Imagine how much bacteria there is in the water that the Masaai collects from rivers, stagnant pools of water, and water holes that are frequented by wildlife and livestock.

Safe Water Ceramic Filters are made from a mixture of clay, sawdust, and colloidal silver. The filter is tested at 99.99% microbial effectiveness. It purifies water with no need to boil, is easy to use, low maintenance, saves money, is locally made, and lasts up to 5 years.

When asked how Grand Circle could best support the village, Chief Joseph commented he saw a difference between children that have a light at home and children that have no light. Those that have access to a solar light are now ahead educationally. He wants his people to have equal opportunities and respectfully requested our support in purchasing more.

This is a clean energy source and children will not have respiratory issues, headaches, or cough black soot like those who use kerosene do. We funded solar lights to be used at home that can also charge a cell phone…yes, even the Masaai can’t live without their cell phones!