Having invested so much in the primary education of these students, Harriet Lewis wanted them all to have the opportunity to continue their schooling.

Yet the nearest secondary school to Amboseli is 12 miles away–which is simply too far for many students. To place continued education within every student’s reach, Grand Circle Foundation built a secondary school for Amboseli in 2016.

Harriet offered to match all donations, up to $30,000 to fund the initial construction costs of $60,000.  We started with 4 rooms, to be used as an office, a classroom, a dormitory and a multi-use room.

We then built toilets for the teachers and the students, and provided access to an adequate supply of clean water.

Books, desks, school supplies and teacher supplies were delivered, and school opened on January 15, 2018 with 16 students, and grew to 23 students.

2019 enrollment is predicted at 35-40 for Form 1, plus the 23 moving to Form 2, for a total of at least 50 students.

Look at the difference at the school in 6 short months. All the students now proudly wear uniforms, and the classroom has solar electricity, making it a much brighter place to learn.

The school has grown by leaps and bounds to a fully incorporated secondary school that will soon include a girls dormitory to encourage the continued education of the young girls in the region.



The completion of a girls dormitory at the school is another game changing opportunity for the girls of the Amboseli region.  It now means they no longer have to leave their region and go to a school 20+ kilometers away, nor do they have to walk 5-8 kms a day in a wildlife zone.

The school recently welcomed its first intake of female boarders.