Conservation. Collaborating with strong leaders of conservation organizations to conserve land, preserve natural resources, and advocate for stewardship of the environment.

As world citizens our mission is to help save the earth we share.   We hope to inspire people to act to fight against climate change and to support sustainability. Through our strategic alliances with strong environmental leaders, we help fund, as well as engage and mobilize citizens through legal, political and grass root efforts to support the underdog in conservation fights.

We support strategic partner organizations across the world whose work demonstrates leadership in effecting change to protect vital local resources while also serving as models for inspiring others to become agents of change in an interconnected world.

Conservation Stories

Bears Ears National Monument and Education Center

Why educating visitors to this magnificent landscape is important for future generations

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Australian Wildfire Relief

Although the focus around the world shifted to the pandemic, we've continued to work with partners in Australia to support ongoing relief efforts.

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Combatting climate change one tree at a time

Deforestation is a problem in Tanzania, where the trees are cut for fuel and timber.


Saving wildlife and livestock in Tanzania

Two years ago when a pride of 17 lions went on a killing spree in the Maasai village of Tarangire, Tanzania, killing two donkeys and some goats. This incurred the wrath of the Maasai, who in turn hunted down and killed seven of the lions. More than 100 warriors went looking for the rest of the pride. The solution was twinkling lights!

Cleaner air for Mongolia

To teach children how to protect themselves from air pollution, our O.A.T. team in Mongolia organized community service events at both a kindergarten and secondary school in the most polluted area of Ulaanbaatar.