Zimbabwe has been under strict Covid lockdown measures, where no movement has been allowed and gatherings of more than 30 people are banned.  Travel is limited to essential travel only and schools are closed until further notice.

For anyone else, this would have stopped the final distribution of the highly nutritious porridge meal packs that were purchased to feed over 1,400 students and teachers across 4 schools for 5 months.

However this did not stop the OAT team working in conjunction with the GCF partners at CITW (Children in the Wilderness) and Wild Horizons.

They not only obtained special Police Clearance to travel, but even had a police escort throughout to monitor the distributions.

The food packs have been delivered to the schools and the school leaders then contacted students by grade to come pick up their food packs.  Each student is receiving 2 1/2 months of food to ensure they have what they need with school openings so uncertain.