Sponsoring children wherever in the world is no mean feat and requires planning and preparation from “The Sponsor”, which is facilitated through Grand Circle Foundation. Our travelers often fall in love with children they meet and ask us to kindly help provide assistance for the students to finish school.

Since 2015 across East Africa, GCF has helped 80 children on various assisted scholarships and are also currently sponsoring 6 students in College and University. Five of our College and University learners have been sponsored through GCF since 2015.

But are you aware of all the extra steps that GCF takes in order to insure students are not just merely funded, but supported?

In Tanzania we have 5 children on full scholarships in Secondary School, 1 student on a fees and hostel paid scholarship at Dodoma University, and 1 student on full scholarship going through Mechanical Engineering College.

Our 5 in Secondary School come from particularly hard backgrounds and so it is important for GCF to insure when they go to school they are not discriminated against because of poverty.

And so how do we do this? Yes, we pay fees but we then take the students shopping and I cannot even describe the joy these kids feel from a shopping trip.

We purchase their uniforms, shoes, stationary, school bag; we take them to a local hotel for lunch and a soda; but you will never believe what the MOST important purchase is – UNDERWEAR!

The impact of providing underwear is something we take for granted. It may be such a small thing but it can make a life changing difference.

It’s a fact that having pants can help teenage girls complete their education as they don’t miss 2/3 days a month during their period. Underwear is considered a luxury which many families can ill afford.

Our travelers make all of the above possible by their unwavering trust in Grand Circle Foundation. Despite the unusual hard times we are facing, we continue to receive donations which guarantees we can continue supporting scholarships and roll out other projects.

I hope you enjoy the photos of Asha, Raheli, Elizabeth, Anna and Neheema on their recent shopping trip.

Sandra Vaughan, East Africa Grand Circle Foundation Project Manager