It has been a momentous year. This time has forced us to pause, be at home, and think about our future. We watched as our zoos, once humming with activity, also paused and quietened. We learnt just how much we yearn for nature when we’re unable to be outside, and the importance of connecting with the natural world in any way we can.

Despite this, we’re more resilient, and more connected to our community than ever. We’re ambitious about our future, and we can’t wait to share our plans with you.

We are now in the recovery phase following the devastating bushfires, and we’re not only focused on restoring habitat, but improving it, so we’re prepared for a more hostile climate. We’re working on threatened species recovery, building a stronger network of vets and animal carers, investing in specialist equipment, machinery and facilities, and community-led recovery projects in fire affected areas. There’s no doubt we will face extreme fire weather again, so we’re planning for the next time we’re needed, and we can only do this because of your help.

We’ve been humbled by the support from our long-term donors, international donors, new supporters and school children for all their contributions, no matter how great or small, towards the Bushfire Emergency Wildlife Fund.

We thank those that give generously to our range of important philanthropy programs that help us fight wildlife extinction. Whether you’re a Conservation Partner, a member of the Future Hands Fellowship, a community fundraiser or an Animal Adopter – your support is appreciated.

Dr Jenny Gray
CEO Zoos Victoria