Minh Tu Duc Son orphanage was started when a baby was left at Nun Minh Tu’s doorstep in 1986.

Grand Circle Foundation learned of this incredible house of love and began our partnership in 2002, donating almost $292,000 to date.

From one baby to a home of over 200 children, the orphanage provides the loving family environment needed to give these children the capability of supporting themselves for when they eventually leave.  Education is seen as the key to future success, so all the children attend the local elementary and high schools with funding from Grand Circle Foundation, and 27 are currently in University—three of whom hope to go on to medical school.

The children are also outfitted with all the needed school supplies and for the older children whose school is not within walking distance, we purchased bicycles to help them get to school.

Over the years we’ve been able to establish a library, renovate the bathrooms, dormitories, kitchen, and dining rooms and outfit all these areas with new furnishings.

The orphanage receives very little support from the government so with a generous bequest from the estate of Ronald Wade, we’ve been able to set up both a computer classroom and a sewing classroom to teach needed skills.  But his generosity didn’t stop there.

With 200 children and 16 nuns to feed every day, there was enough money to purchase nearby land and set up a mushroom farm, both for sustenance and needed income.

For the youngest children however, we went one step further and ensured that there are enough infant formula and diapers—a major expense when you have over a dozen infants and toddlers.

Since it can’t always be about books and schooling we also fenced in the land behind the orphanage to create a soccer field.

Despite the daily challenges, Nun Minh Tu keeps the orphanage going with the help of Grand Circle Foundation to give these children food for their bodies, education for their minds, and love that fills their hearts.