As a full service renewable energy contractor, ReVision provides a complete range of engineering, design, installation and equipment services for homes, businesses, municipal buildings and nonprofits, and is a company driven by a mission to reduce fossil fuel use in Northern New England.

ReVision’s mission aligns with the Lewis Family Foundation’s mission to be a model of conservation and sustainability. Alnoba, located in Kensington, New Hampshire is home base for the Lewis Family Foundation (LFF), which also supports The Farm at Eastman’s Corner and Pinnacle Leadership Foundation.

ReVision is strong partner, working with us to help make LFF a model for the efficiencies of solar power in Kensington.

The solar array located behind the Farm at Eastman’s Corner was intentionally placed to be visible from the main intersection as you approach town to trigger conversations about solar energy and conservation. The two electric car chargers located in the parking lot are fueled by solar energy, and a monitor inside the store tracks the solar panels’ output.

On the Pinnacle property, multiple solar arrays provide 100% of all the electricity required in all the buildings on the 400 acre campus.

After Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, we partnered with ReVision to send portable emergency solar power and water purification units to remote devastated areas of Puerto Rico when the grid was still months away from returning and where clean drinking water was non-existent. Our funding helped support the delivery of three solar-powered trailers with battery storage, electrical outlets for charging cell phones, laptops and emergency communications gear, water purification systems and lights for communities to use when the sun goes down.

The employee owned company’s values also align with those of LFF and Grand Circle Foundation, and they pride themselves on being a mission driven company that makes a substantial effort to embody their values in every interactions with customers, with suppliers, with the community and with each other. We look forward to a long partnership, working together to be an example of the efficiencies of solar power.