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Total donated in Vietnam: $250,410
Partner since: 2003

"The children were a delight ... Everyone (children, staff, and volunteers) was very welcoming, wanting us to understand how they live. The smiles were genuine. We were particularly touched by the relationship of the children to each other. It felt good to see that Grand Circle Foundation is making a real difference at the orphanage. This was a wonderful experience."

Cathryn & Donald Cooper
Valley Village, California

Minh Tu Orphanage

The Minh Tu Orphanage was founded by a Buddhist nun named Minh Tu, who literally found a baby on her doorstep. Her goal in founding this orphanage was to change the lives of orphans by educating them and encouraging their independence—thereby giving them the courage and confidence to face any of life's problems. As you'll see during your visit, the children are in excellent hands.

Since we began our partnership, Foundation funds have built and renovated a new dining room; purchased bedding for the children; bought study supplies like chairs and calculators; provided a generator; paved the girls' dormitory; supplied 20 computers and 15 bicycles; and renovated bathrooms.

When Minh Tu sees the children growing up with such love and care, she says, "My heart feels warmer. On behalf of these disadvantaged children, we appreciate and thank the Foundation so much for your kind-hearted support. We hope to save more and more orphans from despair."

School in session:

We can visit Minh Tu Orphanage year-round.

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Chewable multivitamins for children 12 months and older
  • Antibiotic cream and diaper rash cream
  • Baby oil and bath gel (such as Johnson's Baby Top-to-Toe Bath)
  • Cold medication (in powder form)
  • Fever-cooling pads
  • Stationery supplies, especially crayons and coloring books
  • Beginners' English storybooks and picture books
  • Small toys (like dolls) for baby girls
  • Baseball caps for boys and colorful barrettes or hair clips for girls
  • CDs/DVDs of children's music or cartoons
  • Cookbooks of different cuisines for older students working at the pagoda's on-site vegetarian restaurant