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Total donated in Thailand: $141,503
Partner since: 1999

Ban Phu Toey School

When you visit Ban Phu Toey School, which Grand Circle Foundation has just begun to support, you'll see how badly help is needed. The Foundation is thrilled to be part of the future of this school, consisting of five teachers and four classes of 65 students aged 4 to 12 years old. We plan to build a new covered walkway to the facility's dining area and purchase books for the library, musical instruments for the marching band, school supplies, and uniforms for the students. We also plan to support repairs to ensure that students can continue their studies in inclement weather.

School in session:

Mid-May through early March; closed for vacation during the full month of October.

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • llustrated English dictionaries
  • Books of English fairytales
  • Coloring books
  • Word/Mathematic games
  • CDs/DVDs of children's cartoons
  • Vocabulary picture books (places, people, food, things, etc.)
  • Socks for students (plain white for girls and plain brown for boys)
  • Photos of families and hometown to share