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Total donated in Tanzania: $663,537
Partner since: 2001

"The principals, teachers, and students were outstanding. What they have done with that school with the assistance of Grand Circle Foundation is outstanding … The impact on their families and the community are endless. I was proud to be able to assist with this program."

Naomi & Mark Hughes
Rancho Cordova, California

Nija Panda Primary School

We've supported the village of Karatu, Tanzania for over six years, and we're looking forward to having a lasting impact in the lives of students who attend Nija Panda Primary School. Along with building two new classrooms and renovating rooms including the kindergarten, we have built toilets and provided computers, 750 textbooks, desks, and supplies for students and faculty.

Tarangire Primary School

Grand Circle Foundation first partnered with Tarangire Primary School in 2011. Situated on the outskirts of the Tarangire National Park, the school serves 600 children from neighboring bomas, up from just 100 when it first opened in 1973. It came to the attention of the Foundation that Tarangire Primary School is woefully under-funded—the government provides just $3 per student annually, which doesn't come close to covering the basic costs of uniforms and workbooks.

We worked closely with the headmaster, Stanley, to determine how a grant from the Foundation could have the greatest impact. Since then, our funds have supported a water catchment system, solar lighting, toilets, and water filters and supplied much needed much needed desks, textbooks, school supplies, cooking pots and dishes.

Tloma Primary School

In 2012, Tloma Primary School became one of Grand Circle Foundation's newest partners in Tanzania. Located in the village of Karatu, the 16-classroom school serves more than 650 students. Because classrooms are overcrowded, multiple students are forced to share a single desk and supplies are scarce. The Foundation is striving to improve conditions at the school in order to make a greater impact on the students' lives.

At Tloma Primary School, a little bit can go a long way. A complete set of textbooks for a single class—that's 30 copies for each subject—costs $1,200. Since 2012, we have funded complete textbook sets for kindergarten, Grade 5, and Grade 6. We've even stocked their library with stacks of English storybooks.

Rhotia Primary School

Rhotia Primary School, located in the village of Karatu, Tanzania, first partnered with Grand Circle Foundation in 2012, alongside Tloma Primary School. Since the partnership, the Foundation has made strides in improving the quality of life inside—and outside—the classroom. We've donated shoes, books, posters, stationary, desks, chairs, kitchen supplies, and other miscellaneous school supplies including pens, pencils, rulers, and erasers. We've also installed bookshelves, a toilet, rainwater reservoir tanks, and planted 100 fruit trees around the building. Currently, we're working with the school to install water filters, a kitchen, and additional toilets.

Alongside these fundraising efforts, Grand Circle Foundation provided scholarships to four students and a special care package—filled with school supplies and healthy snacks—to all Grade 7 students preparing for exams. The Grade 7 exams are critical because they determine whether or not a student will make it into secondary school.

Ayalabe Primary School

First coming together in 2014, Ayalabe Primary School is one of Grand Circle Foundation's newest partnerships in Tanzania. Located in the village of Karatu, Ayalabe has 15 classrooms and 17 teachers that serve 379 students, ages 5-16. Due to overcrowding and a lack of funding, every 2-3 students share a single desk and the student-to-book ratio is as high as 1 to 7.

The school is most in need of text books, writing implements, and exercise books. Through our partnership, The Foundation hopes to provide for these needs and much more.

Endora Primary School

Beginning in 2015, Grand Circle Foundation will be partnering with the Endora Primary School in hopes to bring awareness and much-needed supplies to the school. Located in the village of Karatu, Endora Primary has just over 600 students, many of which have high absent rates. The 9 classrooms have 22 teachers and in most cases, 4-5 students share a desk as well as books and writing implements. The Foundation hopes to provide for these suppliers and much more.

School in session:

Year-round, with breaks from June 1 through July 15, September 15 through September 30, and December 1 through December 30

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Composition books
  • Pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, glue sticks, ball point pens
  • Chalk for the chalkboard
  • Photos and postcards from your hometown, local newspapers
  • Educational books with pictures for the school library
  • World maps
  • Deflated sporting balls
  • Stickers, balloons, bubbles
  • Softly used black shoes