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Travelers sit with the children during lunch.
"An exceptional experience to help and make a small improvement in the lives of others."

Aubrey Boutin— St. Augustine, Florida

Fontein Social Center

Partner since: 2011
Total donated: $9,435

In January 2012, the Fontein Social Center opened in Swaziland, an independent kingdom set within the borders of South Africa.  The daycare center serves about 40 pre-schoolers, many of whom are infected with HIV and have even lost parents to AIDS.

These 40 youngsters are joined by up to 350 additional children, ranging in age from roughly 6 to 16, for a noontime meal.  With limited resources however, the center faces many challenges. 

We've only recently begun our partnership with the center and there is a great deal to be done.  Our priority is the safety and health of the children, so we've already fixed the roof and windows, installed a new awning, tables and benches where the children can enjoy their meal.  And we are currently planning to build a new kitchen area for the center.  This will give them a hygienic environment to prepare meals and feed the almost 400 children that are there daily.

School in session:

Year round.  Center closed on Sundays. 

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Soccer balls (deflated) and other sports equipment
  • Books for early readers
  • Used clothing and shoes
  • T-shirts from home state