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South Africa

Total donated in South Africa: $35,168
Partner since: 2005

"We went to the Mbabane craft market and bought fresh fruit and vegetables for the Fontein Social Care Center children we were going to visit. That was a moving highlight for us, personally. The children were so beautiful, and they sang for us in very sweet voices."

Gary Kirschner
Larkspur, California

Fontein Social Care Center

The Fontein Social Care Center has an ambitious mission to help orphaned and vulnerable children in Swaziland. In an area where hunger, poverty, and illness leaves many children without strong family units, the Fontein Center aims to provide two meals a day to children, as well as a daycare for the youngest and legal assistance, health care services, and safety within its walls. Though only 40 children are enrolled in the daycare, the Center feeds over 450 local children a day—no small feat without government assistance to purchase food. Grand Circle Foundation has helped fund roof and window repairs, as well as a covered outdoor seating area, so that the Center can continue to grow and serve the community.

School in session:


Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Clothing
  • Basic toiletries (toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, etc.)
  • Educational books