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Total donated in Peru: $354,472
Partner since: 1999

"I have been on many school visits, but this one was special because we brought a generator to the town of Las Palmas ... we were surrounded by villagers celebrating the Grand Circle Foundation gift that could open many doors to their children."

Victoria Bergesen
Rockbridge, Ohio

Pucruto School

You might visit the school at the Urubamba village of Pucruto. Here, Grand Circle Foundation donations have helped to fund a kitchen, new classroom, dining area, and plumbing improvements. The school has also received four computers to enhance the students' learning experience.

Villa Marcelo Primary School

Until Grand Circle Foundation support arrived, the fourth and fifth grade students of Villa Marcelo Primary school had to share a single classroom. Our donations allowed construction of a separate classroom, so that each grade can now concentrate on its own curriculum. We've also supported renovating the dining room and helped to fund the school's purchases of desks, chairs, playground equipment, and dance costumes.

Las Palmas Primary School

Grand Circle Foundation is committed to helping better the future of students in the Amazon Rain Forest, where facilities are often basic and lacking supplies. Situated on the banks of the Marañon River, the Las Palmas Primary School is attended by children from several nearby communities. Foundation funds have been used to to purchase a generator and provide school supplies.

Raqchi School

The community of Raqchi is just a short drive from the center of Chinchero. Many of its residents are focused on farming and the creation of traditional pottery—but an investment in the future of the 94 children who attend elementary school here can open up a world of new opportunities. Foundation support for the Raqchi School has helped to renovate classrooms, build a greenhouse with a drip irrigation system, construct a food storage room, and purchase kitchen supplies and costumes.

School in session:

March through July 25 and August 5 through January

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Pens or pencils
  • Small musical instruments
  • Toys
  • Spanish-language math, science, or geography books
  • Illustrated English dictionaries
  • World maps
  • T-shirts, jackets, or caps
  • Scarves, mittens. or shoes
  • Deflated soccer balls
  • Other athletic equipment
  • Toothbrushes