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Total donated in Morocco: $35,505
Partner since: 2005

"We were pleased to be a part of your support of a worthy grassroots cause in Morocco ... keep up the good work!"

Carolyn Eastman
Orleans, Massachusetts

Dar ET-Taleb Education Center

Some young students in Africa have a long way to travel to school—if they attend at all. More than 160 young boys who wouldn't otherwise have access to education come to Tineghir's Dar ET-Taleb Education Center to live and study. Here, in this remote, undeveloped location, where the Sahara meets the Atlas Mountains, public facilities are limited. The Dar ET-Taleb Education Center is a locally supported group that provides boarding facilities and educational opportunities for children who would not be able to travel to school on a daily basis. The Foundation's support has helped fund the construction of much-needed showers, restroom facilities, and a soccer court—so the children can enjoy some well-earned recreation.

School in session:

July through April, with periodic closures for public holidays