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Total donated in Croatia: $19,035
Partner since: 2005

"It was truly a moving experience. The interactions with the students and their optimism about the future contrasted with a sense of hopelessness that was felt by other generations. It was a realistic emphasis on the youth and change for the better in the future."

Denise & Russell Schaller
Corrales, New Mexico

Dobrisa Cesaric Elementary School

Amidst the still-visible scars of the Croatian-Serbian War that raged from 1991 to 1995, the Dobrisa Cesaric Elementary School stands as a beacon of hope. Here, students simultaneously study their region's rich local traditions and the multifaceted global society that this young nation is just beginning to enter into.

Donations from Grand Circle Foundation have enriched both the school's facilities and their curriculum, ensuring a comfortable and stimulating learning environment for its pupils. Among the efforts funded by Grand Circle Foundation are the construction of a new library, installation of bicycle racks and benches for the school park, and the addition of air-conditioning and new lockers for the students. Further donations have gone to purchasing a digital camera for the school's journalism club, a new laptop computer, an LCD projector, and technology for Internet access.

School in session:

Late January to early December, with summer break lasting from June 15 to September 15

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • Drawing paper
  • Pens and pencils
  • Notebooks
  • Books in English for early readers
  • World maps
  • Souvenirs from home (postcards, etc.)