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Partner since: 2015

Nyangatjatjara College

Located in Central Australia, Nyangatjatjara College is the only community-based school south of Alice Springs. Its focus on extracurricular activities serves to enhance students' skills and confidence, and engage them in practical learning. Grand Circle Foundation has partnered with faculty to help support the woodworking program, wherein students learn the craft inside and out—from collecting wood and operating lathes, to turning and finishing polished pieces. In this region, woodworking is a marketable skill: punus—or decorated woodworks, like animal carvings—are highly sought-after items.

School in session:

January 27-April 10, April 27-July 3, July 20-September 25, October 12-December 17; closed periodically throughout the year for national holidays

Gifts to bring if you're visiting:

  • A book for the school library
  • A book for the science lab
  • Postcards from your home city
  • Sports equipment